Jonas Rediske
                   freelancing photographer

"By having so many new tools at our disposition in the digital era, we have practically liberated ourselves as photographers and became ARTISTS. This is why we can move the accent in our work from the subject we are shooting to ourselves, our vision and our life experiences."
Julia Anna Gospodarou

Jonas Rediske grew up in Pasewalk (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). He moved to Berlin, initially with the intention to become a shipbuilder. Since 2016, Jonas Rediske has moved on to wander around remote places with his camera. Making hidden gems of masonries visible and getting the best pictures of Berlin’s  sights with the rising sun in front of his lens. Large and small buildings – every new architectural style gets a new perspective with every picture taken.
Jonas Rediske still lives in Berlin and only leaves the city to visit remote, rather deserted places. Not even carrying his phone, only accompanied by his camera and sleeping bag, he is looking for the beauty of abandoned places. He never comes back from his trekking journeys without new pictures for his audience.

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